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ISPDI Membership Renewal

We are delighted by your continued participation in the ongoing critical development of Jungian psychology. 


Membership gives access to many valuable resources such as: ​

  • reduced cost of conferences and workshops

  • Topos. This series, begun in Spring 2022, consists of a short presentation on a topic prescient to PDI, followed by an in-depth discussion among attendees in the Zoom format

  • the website Forum,  where ideas and questions can be explored

  • regular Newsletters

  • access to archived papers and video presentations from previous conferences going back to 2012

Of particular note is a translation project we are undertaking of Giegerich's Animus-Psychologie, a seminal book in the author's canon.

Please select the appropriate button below, and thank you for your continued support.

ISPDI Annual Membership Renewal ($50)     ISPDI Student Membership Renewal ($25)

Thank you for your continued support!

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