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The Executive Committee


John Hoedl 

John Hoedl is a graduate of the C. G. Jung Institute in Zürich, Switzerland. Before beginning his analytical training he worked for a number of years as a frontline youth worker and counsellor in group homes and residential treatment centres. He is a past president of the Western Canadian Association of Jungian Analysts and a cofounder and current president and of the International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority. He has lectured internationally on various topics related to Jungian psychology and psychology as the discipline of interiority and has contributed articles to the Journal of Analytical Psychology and Psychology as the Disciple of Interiority ‘The Psychological Difference’ in the Work of Wolfgang Giegerich a collection of essays edited by Jennifer M. Sandoval and John C. Knapp. He has a private practice in Edmonton, Canada.

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Pamela Power

Pamela Power, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst with a private practice in Santa Monica, California.  She is a graduate and member of the C. G. Jung Institute of Los Angeles where she currently teaches and supervises.  She served as Clinic Director and Training Director at the Los Angeles Institute.  She is also a member of the Inter-regional Society of Jungian Analysts and the International Association for Analytical Psychology. She has lectured nationally and internationally at IAAP Congresses, IRSJA and JAP conferences on a variety of topics as well as at every international conference of ISPDI.  Those lectures include, Negative Coniunctio: Negation of the Negation; The Psychological Difference in Jung’s Mysterium Coniunctionis; How does Music think? Prior to becoming a psychologist, she trained as a classical musician and studied music history and theory.

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Philip Kime

Philip Kime (A Hons, Msc (dist), PhD) is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Zürich, Switzerland. He has a background in Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science. He trained at the C.G. Jung Institut, Küsnacht and also previous Curatorium member and Vice-President thereof. Dr. Kime has published in the Journal of Analytical Psychology and contributed papers to the books Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority and Essays on 'The Soul's Logical Life" in the Work of Wolfgang Giegerich. 


Peter White
Website Manager

Peter White is a retired Secondary School teacher of music, recording, native studies and philosophy. He has delivered papers and presentations at several ISPDI conferences and workshops. His paper, “Thinking “Murder,” Following the Trail of Psychology’s Uroboric Knowing of Itself in No Country for Old Men,” was published in Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche in 2011. Peter is also a songwriter whose many recordings can be enjoyed at His deep appreciation for Giegerich’s work led him to compose a piece of music in Giegerich’s honor. Written in 2004, the instrumental, “Alchemy (for Wolfgang Giegerich)” was performed at the closing of the inaugural ISPDI conference in Berlin, 2012.


Jennifer M. Sandoval

Jennifer M. Sandoval, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, lecturer and writer in Los Angeles, California. Her current interests include the study and practice of psychology as the discipline of interiority and dialectical materialist perspectives within psychology. Dr. Sandoval is the author of A Psychological Inquiry into the Meaning and Concept of Forgiveness and co-editor of a book of collected essays, Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority: The 'Psychological Difference' in the Work of Wolfgang Giegerich, both published by Routledge.

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Harry Henderson
Secretary, Newsletter Editor

Harry Henderson graduated from the University of California in 1973 with a B.A. in English literature. He subsequently did some graduate work in psychology and theology.

    Harry has been a science and technical writer for nearly 40 years with more than 30 book publications. His specialties include computing, mathematics, physical science, and the social impact of technology.  Recent publications include biographies of Richard Feynman and Alan Turing, as well as the Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Technology, Second Edition.

    Since about 2010 Harry has been a seminar leader and board member with the Guild for Psychological Studies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Along with colleagues there he has been studying, discussing, and presenting on topics relating to psychology as the discipline of interiority (PDI) and has presented at several conferences of the International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority (ISPDI).

    Harry lives in El Cerrito (near Berkeley, California) with his wife, Lisa Yount.


Colleen EL-Bejjani 

Colleen EL-Bejjani, MALS, MTA serves the ISPDI as the tele-seminar director. She has presented her work on psychology in Berlin, California, Toronto, Rochester and Buffalo. After a long career as an award winning dancer and choreographer, she now teaches poetry at an urban high school in Rochester, New York.


Wolfgang Giegerich
Honorary Patron

Wolfgang Giegerich studied at the University of Würzburg and the University of Göttingen, and obtained his PhD from the University of California at Berkeley. He received a diploma from the C. G. Jung Institute-Stuttgart. After many years in private practice in Stuttgart and later in Wörthsee, near Munich, he now lives in Berlin. He has lectured and taught in many countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, England, Italy, the USA, Russia, Japan and Brazil) and before many professional societies. His more than one hundred and seventy publications in the field of psychology, in several languages, include eighteen books, among them The Soul’s Logical Life: Towards a Rigorous Notion of Psychology (Peter Lang, 1998; 4th ed. 2007), and the six volumes of his Collected English Papers: The Neurosis of Psychology, Technology and the Soul, Soul-Violence, The Soul Always Thinks, The Flight into the Unconscious, and C.G. Jung on Christianity and Hegel. His most recent books, The Historical Emergence of the I: Essays about One Chapter in the History of the Soul , What are the Factors that Heal  and Coniunctio are published Dusk Owl Books.


David L. Miller

Honorary Member

David L. Miller is the Watson-Ledden Professor of Religion, Emeritus, at Syracuse University. His teaching and writing are in the areas of Religion and Myth, Depth Psychology and Literary Theory

Dr. Miller is the author of more than two hundred and forty articles, tapes and book chapters between 1963 and 2018, as well as five books . The books include: Gods and Games: Towards a Theology of Play (1970, 1973, 2013 [eBook]); The New Polytheism: Rebirth of the Gods and Goddesses (1974, 1981, also in French, Italian, and Japanese editions); Christs: Archetypal Images in Christian Theology (1981, 2005); Three Faces of God (1986, 2005); and Hells and Holy Ghosts (1989, 2004). Dr. Miller is also the editor of two additional books: Interpretation: The Poetry of Meaning (1967) and Jung and the Interpretation of the Bible (1995).

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