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Feb 22, 2022
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Several months ago some members of the ISPDI decided to do a non-agreed upon update of OUR website, including the selective removal of previous postings. As much as I was suprised about this unfamiliar course of actions, that is how little I was suprised that since then, almost no real dialogs have been going on the posted discussion board. I too, in my mix of emotions, did not know how to go on. However, the soul, as understood by PDI, does not care about my personal poutiness. But it does care about being ignored by the world, in particular, by being ignored by that society that credits itself with having a relation to the soul. In our open inquiries, we discuss the book “Working with dreams”. One point in this book is to approach the dream with respect, to take it serious as an expression of the soul speaking about itself. The same is to apply to phenomena in the world. We already had such a phenomena with huge impact and meaning, The Pandemic. But instead of taking it serious, we decided to only elaborate if it is even relevant to be approached as a soul phenomenon. Whether it is the health of your human body or a meaningful personal relationship or a need of the soul, stubborness always only leads to a higher and much more unpleasant cost. So now we are confronted with the danger of something that makes the pandemic look like a neglibility, namely a potential worldwide military conflict. It has nothing to do with the Ukraine, Russia, NATO, or any personal motivations behind it. It is the soul speaking. Please, let us talk about it, let us take it serious, let us show respect. Soul issues can only be solved as a process. Let us add our small contribution to this process. Please share your thoughts, feelings and ideas of what the soul might express in such an incalculable situation.


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