The International Society for Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority

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"Within? Where is that? Within the vessel, whatever the vessel may be: wherever there is a contained and separated focus, a holding zone, something cooking. You are not the vessel, nor is it necessary to believe that 'within' is within you--your personal relationships, your psychic processes, your dreams. Interiority is within all things--the garden bed that is in preparation, the poem that is the focus of attentive emotions. Keep a close watch on these interiorities; by watching we are vesseling, for it is the glass vessel that allows the watching, and watching provides the very separation and containment expressed concretely by the glass vessel.

The watching alchemist is also the observed. Inside the vessel, creatures form, strange images of excited materials, Kings and Queens, little homunculi--miniature figures with faces and eyes. The alchemist becomes the subject of interior observations. The human will's intentions submit to imagistic guidance, a kind of poetic influence of 'others' as the vessel brings them to life"

James Hillman,

From the essay, "Rudiments," in his Alchemical Psychology


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