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The ISPDI Executive committee wishes all its members a very Happy New Year.

tn71 52c0754b45a19John Hoedl
Greg Mogenson
Vice President
Samina Salahuddin
Recording Secretary
 John Robertson Treasurer
tn87 522ca1cd0ba1dColleen Hendrick
Membership Secretary
Peter White
Web Discussion Moderator
Dan Anderson
Email monitor

Marco Heleno Barreto
Assistant Web Discussion Monitor

ISPDI now has 82 members from all around the world.

The Society, which commenced only two years ago, provides collegiality, conferences, seminars, and meaningful discussion forums on psychology as the discipline of interiority. Any suggestion from members is more than welcome.

  thor and cat

'It requires thought and dialectical logic. It requires JUNG’s “power of thought” or the strength of a Thor to hold the singular (Thor’s cat) and the universal (his Midgard Serpent) truly together, that is, to actually have the one within the other, without losing their difference. This dialectical unity-and-difference is what constitutes psychology. It is what is meant by “the reality of the soul”…The entrance into psychology occurs through a logical revolution and is the initiation into dialectical logic' (Giegerich, 1999, The Soul’s Logical Life, p. 70).​


Dear Member,

As most of you probably know, the Executive Committee has increased its size and undergone a reorientation. As mentioned in a previous letter, we are very happy to now have four new members. Their names and formal positions are: Samina Salahuddin, Recording Secretary, Colleen Hendrick, Membership Monitor, Dan Anderson, E-mail Monitor and Marco Barreto, Web Discussion Forum Monitor. Additionally, as a result of the changes, my position has shifted from that of vice- president to president. I am honored to hold this office and hope to do what I can to support the ISPDI as it continues to develop, mature, and advance its stated mission.

Many of you I met in Berlin, but as a short introduction, let me just briefly mention: I received my diploma in analytical psychology from the C.G. Jung Institute in Zurich in 2006 and then since have had a private practice in Edmonton, Canada. My background is in Counseling, Family Support, and Physical Education. In addition to returning to Canada with my diploma, and a seven year experience of living abroad, I met my wife Monika while studying at the Jung Institute, and we have two young daughters.

My introduction to Wolfgang Giegerichs work happened during the last years I spent training in Switzerland. Shortly after arriving beginning my studies, I remember meeting David Miller when he came to teach at the institute. Accompanying him as he walked to the train after a lecture one day, I was looking for some kind of guidance and so asked what he thought the most important 3 books a budding young analyst should be reading (besides Jung). He replied with three titles: Hillmans Revisioning Psychology, Giegerichs The Souls Logical Life, (..and the third, neither he nor I can remember!). I had never heard of Giegerich at this time and so his work remained on the back burner, so to speak, until a number of years later when he came to lecture at the Institute.

When this happened, unfortunately, my training was already finishing. In his first lecture, I clearly remember listening intently and focusing with rapt attention to what he was saying, but understanding very little. I was convinced that there was something very important in what Wolfgang was saying, but my mind could not grasp it. He was using familiar terms and concepts but in unfamiliar and, to me, confounding ways. I found it both humbling and frustrating to be in my last year of studies and not be able to comprehend what a lecture that seemed to be in my field was about! Yet, there had not been a lecture like this at the Institute before, at least not during my training.

When I think back, it feels like this lecture was for me the sounding of a very old bell. The words and ideas being evoked seemed to bypass my usual way of understanding and find resonance on another level, reverberating and echoing somewhere beneath the surface, and planting seeds that continue to germinate today. Today I would say that the unfamiliar "sound" I was hearing was what PDI calls "soul." I've been listening for that "sound" ever since then.

I can imagine many of you have had similar initial experiences with Wolfgangs work.

In any case, now that our society has been formed, we have a place to meet, dialogue, and exchange ideas with colleagues that also see the value in this understanding of psychology, psychology as the discipline of interiority. We could say that our challenge as members of ISPDI is to take up the work of engaging these ideas and further comprehending what soul and psychology are in our time.

While recognizing that this requires determined, focused effort on an individual and personal level, the society is here to also offer ways to augment this work with collegial and shared opportunities for those members interested in deepening their understanding of PDI.

To this end there are, of course, the ongoing Threaded Discussions that have been very helpful for many members. But it is also clear that this forum is not for everyone and that other approaches will be explored.

In the future, the EC will be in contact with the membership in the form of online quarterly newsletters which we hope will be used to pass on plans for projects and information. In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas, please feel free to contact me or any member of the EC. We welcome your feedback!

Very best,

John Hoedl

  Criteria for article submissions in the newsletter: ISPDI members are encouraged to submit articles for the newsletter. All submissions will be pending an approval by the ISPDI Executive Committee. Please submit articles at email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Next Gathering

The Executive Committee has begun planning an ISPDI Regional Workshop in Toronto for August 17th and 18th, 2013. The theme will be: The 'Entrance Problem' of PDI. Compared to our inaugural conference last year in Berlin, and the international conferences planned for every two years thereafter, this will be a less formal, less elaborate gathering. However, it will nonetheless aim to provide a rigorous and focused opportunity to develop, support, and further clarify our understanding of the concepts and interpretative approach of PDI.

In conjunction with our ongoing individual and group study efforts, we want to provide an opportunity this year for as many of us as possible to meet, study, and share ideas in the spirit of deepening and expanding our comprehension of PDI. Of course, it will also be an occasion to rekindle friendships and associations that may have developed in Berlin. More specific information about the workshop will be forthcoming, but our basic intent is to structure the time so that there is ample opportunity for learning through formal and informal presentations, discussion and interchange, group work, question and answer segments, etc.

We hope participants will begin preparing for the event by reading and thinking about the notion of the “Entrance Problem” (see Giegerich’s The Soul’s Logical Life Section 1. “No Admission!” The Entrance into Psychology and the Style of Psychological Discourse, pp. 13-38). And of course we hope you will be able to join us!


The Executive Committee


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ISPDI will soon offer on-line study groups and webinars. Email us any of your topic suggestions." Please visit out website. There is an active Discussion Forum exploring Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority. Thanks, Samina!

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