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“We have tried very hard to learn that external things are not as they appear to us--well, then! The same applies to the inner world!”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak 116

“If a certain class of phenomena are supposed to be the 'inner' as opposed to others as the 'outer,' and if there is a hypostasized object called 'the self,' I myself as subjectivity am exempted; I do not have to become aware of myself. Its all out there. Psychology, however, begins where any phenomenon (whether physical or mental, 'real' or fantasy image) is absolute-negatively interiorized into itself and I find myself in its internal infinity. This is what it takes, psychology cannot be had for less.”

Wolfgang Giegerich, CEP IV, pp. 161-2

“Returning from here to psychology, the concept of an autonomous psyche seems to me not only a question of personal preference, of one's ontology, of epistemological logic, theoretical and therapeutic valuableness, or empirical evidence. It, above all, seems to me a simple necessity. In order for psychology to be, it must posit an autonomous psyche, because only then is psychological inquiry possible in the first place. For only if the psyche is granted autonomy and spontaneity does psychology relentlessly bind itself to the unknownness of its own root fantasy, having to explain everything psychic 'tautologically' from the psyche herself, and only if psychology strictly refuses to base itself on anything outside the idea of 'psyche' (whatever 'psyche' may be) will it be inescapably forced into the depth of its subject matter and be able to establish its own (psychological) version of exactitude and certainty. ”

Wolfgang Giegerich, CEP I, p. 99

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